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Post-doctoral position in muscle-type specific genomic approaches

Posted by , on 10 November 2012

Closing Date: 15 March 2021

Identifying gene expression signatures that underlay diversification of muscle cells using cell type specific genomic approaches in Drosophila


Muscle network in Drosophila embryos represents an attractive system for studying cell diversification. Each muscle displays a specific size, location, attachment points and innervation. Several studies including those of our group (Junion et al., 2007, Bataillé et al., 2010; reviewed in de Joussineau et al., 2012) have led to identify key factors that control specification of different types of muscles and acting downstream realisator genes. At the same time these studies revealed a need for designing cell type specific genome-wide approaches allowing a more global and unbiased view of cell diversification processes.

The recruited post-doctoral fellow will integrate an ambitious and innovative project designed to address this issue. The main objective of this study is to apply newly developed cell-specific approaches to perform transcriptional and ChIPseq analyses in subsets of embryonic Drosophila muscles. As an outcome, we hope to uncover realisator gene signatures that specify different subsets of muscles and in particular required for setting fusion programs, attachment and innervation of individual muscles.

From a more general point of view this study should provide insights into the logic of the genetic control of cell diversification as such.

We are searching for a highly motivated researcher who will join our team and interact with bioinformatician already working on this project. Experience in transcriptional profiling and ChIPseq approaches as well as in Drosophila developmental genetics will be considered as an advantage but is not a requirement.

Please consider that GReD Institute provides dynamic scientific environment and access to a large spectrum of facilities including up-to-date confocal imaging and Drosophila transgenesis platforms.


Position is available from the January 2013.


If you are interested please contact :

Dr. Krzysztof Jagla

Ladybird team


University of Clermont-Ferrand

28, Place Henri Dunant

63000 Clermont Ferrand France

+33 (0)473178181


Junion, G., Bataillé, L., Jagla, T., DaPonte, J.P., Tapin, R. and Jagla, K. : Genome-wide view of cell fate specification: ladybird acts at multiple levels during diversification of muscle and heartprecursors. Genes & Dev 2007, 21, 3163-80.

Bataillé L, Delon I, Da Ponte JP, Brown NH, Jagla K. Downstream of identity genes: Muscle-type specific regulation of the fusion process. Dev Cell, 2010, 19:317-328.

de Joussineau C, Bataillé L, Jagla T, Jagla K. Diversification of muscle types in Drosophila:upstream and downstream of identity genes. Curr Top Dev Biol. 2012, 98:277-301.

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