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Post-doctoral position in the Saunders laboratory at the Mechanobiology Institute, Singapore

Posted by , on 20 November 2017

Closing Date: 15 March 2021

A postdoctoral research position is available starting in 2018 with Asst. Prof. Timothy Saunders’ group at the Mechanobiology Institute, Singapore. The Saunders lab has been active since 2013 and studies the fundamental processes shaping organs and tissues during development.

One major area of study in the lab is spatial position – how do developing embryos know where to position boundaries? One mechanism is the morphogen gradient, but, despite significant work over the past 20 years, there is still little reliable data about the dynamics of morphogen gradient formation. We are part of a major five-year grant focused on understanding the dynamics of morphogen gradient formation in Zebrafish embryogenesis. The project is a close collaboration between experimentalists, biophysicists and computational biologists. We are looking for a talented post-doctoral researcher interested in working at the interface of developmental biology and biophysics. In particular, the position will involve extensive imaging and image analysis of the early Zebrafish embryo, including light-sheet microscopy. This offers an exciting opportunity for a dedicated researcher to be part of a genuinely interdisciplinary project that will advance our fundamental understanding of development.

Candidates should have strong experience in at least one of the following, and display a willingness to learn the other: (1) advanced microscopy techniques and imaging developing organisms; and/or (2) experience with image analysis and handling large datasets.

The Saunders’ lab is a young group at the Mechanobiology Institute. This provides an exciting prospect for a motivated post-doc to be involved in developing research directions. The post-doc will also be expected to guide and help the graduate students in the laboratory.  More information can be found at:



1) A Ph.D in Biophysics, Developmental Biology, Computational Biology, or related subject.

2) At least one first-author paper in English submitted to an international peer-reviewed journal.

3) Experience in: (i) Advanced microscopy; (ii) Image analysis and handling large datasets; and (iii) Imaging developing organisms.

Salary and benefits are commensurable to educational qualifications and working experience of the candidates. Benefits include annual leave, medical and flexi-benefits, etc.

Please submit your curriculum vitae and a statement about your research interests to

Asst. Prof. Timothy Saunders

Principal Investigator

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