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Postdoc position in NordenLab

Posted by , on 26 August 2020

Closing Date: 15 March 2021

In the NordenLab, we aim to untangle the events that lead to the development of organs. In this context, we study the formation of the vertebrate retina and span different developmental stages from optic cup formation to neuroepithelial growth and neural lamination. Our investigations span the cellular to the tissue level and we combine cell and developmental biology approaches with advanced quantitative imaging, image analysis, mechanobiology and, in collaboration, theoretical modeling.

Our current main model system is the zebrafish, due to its fast ex utero development, unmatched possibilities for in vivo imaging and ease of genetic, pharmacological and mechanical perturbations. Currently we set up additional systems in the lab with the establishment of retinal 3D cultures and organoids using mouse and human iPS cells.

We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher with strong interest in these topics, excited about cross-disciplinary research with a biology, physics or computer science background. The applicant would always have experimental aspects in any project. Prior knowledge of the zebrafish system is not a prerequisite.

The working language at the institute is English.

Applicants should email a description of research interests, a CV and the names of two to three potential references to Caren Norden (

More information @NordenLab

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