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Postdoc – USC Center for Craniofacial Molecular Biology

Posted by , on 7 November 2020

Closing Date: 15 March 2021

A postdoctoral position is available immediately in Yang Chai‘s laboratory at the Center for Craniofacial Molecular Biology, University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California. We are interested in the regulation of developmental patterning, organogenesis, and mesenchymal stem cells. Our studies will seek to define molecular mechanisms governing both normal and abnormal craniofacial development, providing scientific rationales for future therapeutic strategies to prevent and treat craniofacial birth defects, as well as stem cell based craniofacial tissue regeneration.  The candidate must have a PhD and be experienced with molecular and developmental biology. Supported by the NIDCR, NIH. For details, please visit

Send application, resume, and three letters of recommendation to

Dr. Yang Chai c/o Linda Hattemer (  EOE/AA


Our Recent publications:

  1. Chen, S., Jing, J., Yuan, Y., Feng, J., Han, X., Wen, Q., Ho, TV., Lee, C., and Chai, Y. (2020) Runx2+ niche cells maintain incisor mesenchymal tissue homeostasis through IGF signaling. Cell Reports, 32, 108007.
  2. Wen, Q., Jing, J., Han, X., Feng, J., Yuan, Y., Ma, Y., Chen, S., Ho, T.H., and Chai, Y. (2020) Runx2 regulates mouse tooth root development via activation of Wnt inhibitor Notum. JBMR, PMID 32569388.
  3. Jing, J., Feng, J., Li, J., Han, X., He, J., Ho, T., Du, J., Zhou, X., Urata, M., and Chai, Y. (2019) Antagnistic interaction between Ezh2 and Arid1a coordinate dental root patterning via Cdkn2a. eLife, Jul 1;8. e46426.
  4. Guo, Y., Yuan, Y., Wu, L., Ho, T., Jing, J., Sugii, H., Li, J., Han, X., Guo, C., and Chai, Y. (2018) BMP-IHH-mediated interplay between mesenchymal stem cells and osteoclasts supports calvarial bone homeostasis and repair. Bone Research. 6, 355-367. PMCID: PMC6193039
  5. Li, J., Parada, C., and Chai, Y. (2017) Cellular and Molecular Regulatory Mechanism of Tooth Root Development. Development, 144, 374-384. PMCID: PMC5341797
  6. Brinkley, J.F., Fisher, S., Harris, M., Holmes, G., Hooper, J.E., Wang Jabs, E., Jones, K.L., Kesselman, C., Klein, O.D., Maas, R.L., Marazita, M.L., Selleri, L., Spritz, R.A., van Bakel, H., Visel, A., Williams, T.J., Wysocka, J., the FaceBase Consortium, and Chai, Y. (2016) The FaceBase Consortium: A comprehensive resource for craniofacial researchers. Development, 143, 2677-2688.PMCID: PMC4958338.
  7. Zhao, H., Feng, J., Ho, T. V., Grimes, W. C., Urata, M., and Chai, Y. (2015) The suture provides a niche for mesenchymal stem cells of craniofacial bones. Nature Cell Biology, 17, 386-396. PMCID: PMC4380556
  8. Zhao, H., Feng, J., Seidel, K., Shi, S., Klein, O., Sharpe, P., and Chai, Y. (2014) Secretion of Shh by a neurovascular bundle niche supports mesenchymal stem cell homeostasis in the adult mouse incisor. Cell Stem Cell 14, 160-173. PMCID:PMC3951379

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