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Postdoctoral fellowship in neural stem cell and developmental neurobiology

Posted by , on 24 August 2014

Closing Date: 15 March 2021

The Division of Developmental Biology and Neuroscience along with Pediatric Neurosurgery at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital (#3 children’s hospital in USA) have openings in Dr Tim Vogel’s lab for postdoctoral Research Fellows to study neural stem cells, glial progenitors, and developmental neuroscience, focusing on cilia and cell signaling in murine models. We have a large group of developmental neuroscientists that work with our laboratory at one of the top children’s hospitals in the USA.

The major goals of our research are to understand neural stem cell differentiation and ciliary signaling mechanisms that lead to a common neural developmental condition seen in humans (For details see Nature Medicine 18, 1797–1804 (2012)). Our lab employs a number of ciliopathy mouse genetic models with in vivo and in vitro systems to study the genesis of hydrocephalus. These include novel in vivo cilia subcellular imaging techniques, molecular /cellular neurobiology, protein biochemistry, genetic, and pharmacological methods.

Our lab has a strong interest in translational neuroscience research and is focused on developing novel medical therapies in our cilia models.

For more information about current projects see:

Or see :

We will be attending the annual SFN meeting to discuss the position with applicants. Schedule a time to meet with members of our lab.

For More Information: Contact: Tim Vogel   Tim.vogel at
Please send a brief statement of scientific/research interests, your curriculum vitae, and a list of 3 references.

Highly motivated postdoctoral candidates with experience  in neuroscience, genetics, developmental biology, molecular/cellular biology, regenerative biology, or biochemistry are encouraged to apply. A strong background in biochemical, cellular, neuroscience, genetic, or developmental biology in mouse models is preferred.

2 openings.

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One thought on “Postdoctoral fellowship in neural stem cell and developmental neurobiology”

  1. Dear Colleague
    It is my pleasure to inquire about the possibility of Postdoctoral opportunity in your laboratory or University.
    This position is interested for me; because of I worked on different types of cell culture, such as, astrocytes, neural stem cells and neurons. In doctoral position, I carried histological assessment on spinal cord and brain tissue. I have also worked on evaluation and improvement of different PCR methods by various kits for amplification of long fragments of several genes and sit directed mutation. I developed in vitro and in vivo reprogramming of astrocytes by ZFP-521 and analysis reprogrammed cells by real-time PCR and immunofluorescence staining. I am familiar by principle of laboratory technique in electrophysiology of cell such as patch clamp. In addition, I was postdoc in gene therapy and production of packaging cell line project for 1 years and then, until now, I am working on cell therapy in Parkinson model as a postdoc. I interest to learning of new method about neuroscience, stem cells and spatially, disease modeling and neural circuit mechanisms of learning and memory.

    I think that your position is amazing opportunity for me to use from my acknowledgment and new experiments.

    Best Regards,

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