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Question Of The Month- developmental biology funding

Posted by , on 24 March 2015

In our recent survey many of you told us that you like the Node to be even more a place where the community can discuss and share ideas. We totally agree, but to make this happen we need your help and participation!

To encourage more discussions we decided to launch a new feature called Question of the Month! Every month we will post a question on an interesting or controversial topic. We need you to join the discussion and share your thoughts by leaving a comment. With everyone’s participation, both in these discussions and in other posts and comments on the blog, we can make the Node an even better forum of ideas! So here is the first question:


In the current climate of budget constraints and political pressure there is a noticeable shift in the type of science preferred by funders, with funding increasingly going to projects with clear translational potential. Developmental biology is a basic science, but it feeds into our understanding of disease and regenerative medicine. But do funders recognise this? In other words:

Is Developmental Biology at risk because of the increasing emphasis on applied science?


Join the discussion- leave a comment below with your thoughts! You can comment anonymously if you prefer! And if you have any ideas for future questions please drop us an email!

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