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Question of the month- “Away from the bench” skills

Posted by , on 30 October 2015

Recently, Tomer Stern and Itamar Harel posted on the Node about Graduate Peer Group, a discussion group where graduate students could interact with each other and address the challenges that arise specifically during graduate school. Many of these challenges go beyond research at the bench: how to communicate your research, how to manage relationships in the lab, how to establish collaborations, how to write manuscripts, etc.


Indeed, as a scientist advances in their career, they must become more than just researchers: they must also be writers, reviewers, mentors, managers and communicators. So, this month’s question is:


Which “away from the bench” skills are required to be a successful academic? How and when should those skills be developed?

Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below! You can comment anonymously if you prefer. We are also collating answers on social media via this Storify. And if you have any ideas for future questions please drop us an email!

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