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Recruitment of Laboratory Heads

Posted by , on 10 September 2010

Closing Date: 15 March 2021

The RIKEN CDB seeks laboratory heads to lead independent laboratories under the following two Programs. Applicants can choose to apply for a specific position, or allow the search committee to assign them to an appropriate position during the course of the evaluation.

1. Position

Team Leaders (Creative Research Promoting Program)
The CDB is looking for creative young researchers (preferably those who have obtained a PhD within the last 10 years) who aspire to break new ground within areas of animal development and regeneration, and related research areas.
Unit Leaders (Center Director’s Strategic Program)
The Unit Leader position is for scientists in the early stages of their career to conduct research in a small-scale laboratory. Highly motivated scientists eager to achieve breakthroughs in next-generation developmental biology in the areas listed are encouraged to apply.

2. Selection Process

Research proposals should be focused on the specific field of research for each program. The initial screening process will be based on the applicant’s application and 5-year research proposal. This will be followed by a final selection process, which includes an interview and seminar. Strong emphasis will be placed on the quality, feasibility and originality of the research proposal; priority will be given to proposals that take full advantage of the CDB’s facilities and resources, and advance challenging new concepts. Female and foreign scientists are strongly encouraged to apply.

The selection process will begin November 1, and will continue until suitable candidates have been selected.

Please visit our website for more detail:

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