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Senior Research Assistant

Posted by , on 17 May 2012

Closing Date: 15 March 2021

A research assistant position is available in the laboratory of Dr. Brad Davidson, soon to be located in the Department of Biology at Swarthmore College.  We investigate fundamental questions of Cell Signal Integration and Gene Network Evolution by focusing on the earliest steps of heart cell specification. For more information see

This position is a great match for a recent Ph.D. in biology, biochemistry or a related field who is interested in exploring fundamental questions in developmental cell biology while expanding their technical expertise and lab-management skills.   Employment would begin in July or August of 2012 and continue for one or two years, with the possibility of a longer term dependent on continued funding.

You will initially work directly with me to set up the lab, establish some key assays and initiate pre-defined projects.  You will then be given more flexibility and independence; helping to interpret data and plan future experiments. This effort will require diligence and a conscientious attention to detail.   I will also expect you to participate with an active sense of curiosity and demonstrate an intellectual engagement with relevant ideas and scientific literature.  It will be essential for you to think critically about your results and have the ability to troubleshoot and resolve experimental problems as they arise.

Major research techniques will include generation and manipulation of transgenic invertebrate embryos, molecular cloning and confocal microscopy.  The position will also involve training/supervision of undergraduates and lab management (maintaining seawater aquaria, purchasing lab supplies, reagent preparation, maintaining lab organization and computer/data management).

Requirements:  A Ph.D. in Biology or a related discipline with a solid background in molecular biology is essential. The ideal candidate will have a track record demonstrating their enthusiasm for bench-work as well as their ability to carry out a creative and productive research program. Excellent written and oral communication skills are required. Training in informatics or programming would be a strong asset.

Please apply for the Post Doctoral Research position listed at under the ‘Apply for a job’ link.  Make sure to include your CV, cover letter and two letters of recommendation.

Swarthmore College is a highly selective liberal arts college located in the suburbs of Philadelphia, whose mission combines academic rigor with social responsibility. Swarthmore has a strong institutional commitment to excellence through diversity in its educational program and employment practices and actively seeks and welcomes applications from candidates with exceptional qualifications, particularly those with demonstrable commitments to a more inclusive society and world.


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