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3 thoughts on “Skip your postdoc?”

  1. Personally I think post-doctoral training is essential. My concern is that pushing people up the ladder so quickly could ultimately leave them ill prepared and at a disadvantage.

    I wonder if underlying these grants is the recognition that currently academic science does not always recruit and retain the best people – I’m not saying current PIs are not good but that there are people who would make very good PIs but who leave for a variety of reasons before they reach that point.

  2. There’s been some discussion on Twitter about this:

    @28andaphd says “I WOULD so skip the postdoc stage”
    @doc_becca responds “I would not recommend this….”
    and @kzrt says “I think a postdoc is important for most. shortening the time to independence is more essential”

  3. On a related note to the above topic I would just like to mention that that 9th Annual Meeting of National Postdoctoral Association is being held from March 25-27 2011 in Bethesda, MD. Topics such as doing postdocs / skipping postdocs will be actively discussed at the meeting! Hope to see you there.

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