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PhD project: Multi-scale computational analysis of embryonic variability in ascidians

Posted by , on 1 April 2022

Advert for a computational PhD project in animal developmental biology to characterise inter-individual and inter-species embryo variability at the geometric, mechanical and transcriptional scales.

2-year post-doctoral funding: robustness of ascidian embryogenesis to environmental and experimental variation

Posted by , on 1 April 2022

The tunicate team at CRBM (Montpellier, France), headed by Patrick Lemaire, is offering a 2-year post-doctoral fellowship (or a 3-year PhD fellowship for an exceptional candidate) to study the robustness ...

Migratory neuronal progenitors in Tunicates provide insights into Neural Crest evolution

Posted by , on 24 December 2015

Tunicates are the invertebrates most closely related to us, forming a monophyletic clade with the vertebrates, known as Olfactores. Tunicates, often erroneously referred to as “urochordates” (a junior synonym and ...

An interview with Mike Levine

Posted by , on 20 October 2015

This interview first featured in Development.   Mike Levine, director of the Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics at Princeton University, is a developmental biologist who has dedicated his career to understanding ...

Tissue-specific genome editing in Ciona embryos by CRISPR/Cas9

Posted by , on 31 October 2014

Researchers have always been interested in tissue-specific loss of function to probe the role of specific genes in embryonic development, cell physiology and disease conditions. Migration of lateral plate primordial ...

A day in the life of an Ascidian Lab

Posted by , on 10 February 2014

Dear The Node readers, We are Alicia (1st year PhD student) and Marion (3rd year PhD student) and we work in an ascidian lab at CNRS, Montpellier in France. Alicia’s ...

Woods Hole images round 4- the winning movie

Posted by , on 30 September 2013

This year’s last Woods Hole competition had an exciting development- instead of choosing from 4 images, we asked the Node readers to choose from 4 stunning movies. It was probably ...

Woods Hole images round 4- choose a movie to be a Development cover!

Posted by , on 5 September 2013

For the last round of Woods Hole images this year we have an exciting development- the last round is a movie round! Below are 4 great movies from last year’s ...

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