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Woods Hole images round 4- the winning movie

Posted by , on 30 September 2013

This year’s last Woods Hole competition had an exciting development- instead of choosing from 4 images, we asked the Node readers to choose from 4 stunning movies. It was probably hard to choose who to vote for, but in the end the beautiful movie of the ascidian metamorphosis was the big winner. The following collection of stills from the movie will be in the cover of a future issue of Development, while the movie itself will feature in the homepage of the journal.


Woods Hole movie- Ascidian metamorphosis

Congratulations to Matthew Clark, from the University of Oregon, for the winning movie.

The runners-up to this competition were Marina Venero Galanternik (University of Utah), Rodrigo G. Arzate-Mejía (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico), Jennifer McKey (Universite Montpellier) and William Munoz (The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center) for their movie of Drosophila embryogenesis; Daniela Di Bella (Fundacion Instituto Leloir), Joyce Pieretti (University of Chicago), Saori Tani (Kobe University) and Manuela Truebano (Plymouth University) for their movie of cell divisions in C.elegans; Eduardo Zattara (University of Maryland, College Park) for his movie of zebrafish lateral line migration.

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