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BSDB Gurdon Studentship Report - Paula Richter

Posted by , on 10 January 2023

NRAP H100Q Mutation in Zebrafish During the first year of my course in biological sciences, I became interested in developmental biology. I am mesmerized by the exploration of the beginnings ...

BSDB Gurdon Studentship Report – Sonia Paoli

Posted by , on 6 January 2023

Exploring how germ cells are metabolically supported in Drosophila testes During the summer I had the privilege to work in Dr. Amoyel’s lab at UCL, to study the mechanisms providing ...

BSDB Gurdon Studentship Report - Xueqing Li

Posted by , on 6 January 2023

The role of canonical Wnt signalling in embryogenesis of the invertebrate chordate Ciona intestinalis. Ascidians, as the closest invertebrate sister group of vertebrates, are important to study the development and ...

BSDB Gurdon Studentship Report - Aleksandr Markov

Posted by , on 5 January 2023

Role of PAX6 in human cerebral organoid development The cerebral cortex contains two major classes of neurons: excitatory and inhibitory. The imbalance between them is postulated to underlie some autism ...

BSDB Gurdon Studentship Report – Anna Granés

Posted by , on 21 December 2022

The making of colorful neuromesodermal progenitors During the embryonic development, while the gastrulation process is taking place, cells within embryos self-organize by creating groups and layers of cells, where each ...

BSDB Gurdon Studentship Report – Ewa Ozga

Posted by , on 19 December 2022

Exploring the role of planar cell polarity in the regulation of the patterning of human axial progenitors I first became interested in stem cell biology and development while studying Medical ...

BSDB Gurdon Studentship Report – Rihova

Posted by , on 15 December 2022

Determining the Effects of FOXG1 Mutations on Early Neurodevelopmental Structures Using iPSCs I am an undergraduate Neuroscience student at University College London interested in researching neurodevelopmental and neuropsychiatric disorders. I ...

Gastrulation in a Dish

Posted by , on 12 December 2022

This summer, I was under the supervision of Ashley Libby in James Briscoe’s Lab at the Crick, where they are interested in studying how the spinal cord forms before birth. ...

Gene expansions underlying placenta evolution

Posted by , on 12 December 2022

As part of the Crick-Calleva program, I had the opportunity to work with Greg Slodkowicz in Margarida Cardoso-Moreira’s lab at the Francis Crick Institute over the past summer, studying the ...

BSDB Gurdon Studentship Report - Raphael Schettler

Posted by , on 12 December 2022

As a BSc Biomedicine Student at the University of East Anglia, I have had the pleasure of working in the Grocott Lab for eight weeks during my summer holidays.The Grocott ...

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