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Madrid Adventure to Study Autophagy in Melanoma Stem Cells

Posted by , on 20 May 2016

I am hugely grateful to the Journal of Cell Science and the Company of Biologists for awarding me a traveling fellowship to visit the laboratory of Dr Guillermo Velasco at ...

From London to Paris – Travelling through Cell Science

Posted by , on 7 April 2016

Thanks to the Cell Science Travel Fellowship of the Company of Biologists, I was able to work for 2 months at the Institut National de la Recherché Agronomique (INRA) in ...

Zürich to Dresden and back: of small fish and big data

Posted by , on 9 February 2016

In Spring 2015, just a couple of months into my PhD, I started to settle with my new surroundings in Zürich, making friends in my PhD lab of Dr. Christian ...

Travelling fellowship: Breaking boundaries in science from Colombia to London

Posted by , on 6 November 2015

I am a third year PhD student and I work on limb regeneration in a non-model organism: Bolitoglossa ramosi, a salamander belonging to the family Plethodontidae. These salamanders show some ...

From the lab to the peak district

Posted by , on 31 August 2015

Thanks to the travelling fellowship, awarded by the Company of Biologists, I was fortunate enough to undertake a period of research in the laboratory of Prof. Marcelo N. Rivolta at ...

Finding Collaborators: from London to Stuttgart

Posted by , on 28 May 2015

I’m Dr Rie Saba, a postdoc at Translational Cardiovascular Therapeutics, William Harvey Research Institute, Queen Mary University of London (UK), studying the role of endocardium in the mammalian heart development. ...

England, embryos, and axial columns: a Travelling Fellowship connecting Chicago to Cambridge

Posted by , on 21 April 2015

Greetings from Chicago! My name is Kate Criswell and I am a graduate student at the University of Chicago, working with Dr. Mike Coates on axial column evolution and development ...

Of mice and zebrafish

Posted by , on 16 June 2014

This story starts with me shaking and nervous and stumbling through my mid-term thesis committee meeting presentation. Not only was I presenting the results from the first half of my ...

Development Travelling Fellowship: a node connecting Woods Hole with the Stowers Institute

Posted by , on 10 June 2014

June 1st, 2014: Exactly one year after my departure flight from Bologna to Boston to attend the 2013 MBL Embryology course held at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, ...

Sweet Swiss…Zebrafish?!

Posted by , on 15 May 2014

There are several things that could bring me to Switzerland. I guess that the Alps, cheese, and swiss chocolate would be 3 top-choices, I could talk about Swiss army knives ...

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