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New Insights into Kidney Disease with Tropical Frog Models

Posted by , on 5 November 2021

A press release from Universität Zürich on Lienkamp lab paper, published in Development

I left my frog in San Francisco:

The 15th International Xenopus Conference

Asilomar CA, 2014

Posted by , on 22 September 2014

Every two years, the international Xenopus community gathers to meet. Two years ago I wrote about the meeting in Toulon, France and this time we crossed the pond to Asilomar, ...

The first Xenopus imaging course

Posted by , on 17 February 2014

The first Xenopus imaging workshop was held at the Xenopus Resource Centre at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Wood’s Hole, MA from November 17th – 22nd.    Kymograph of a ...

Awards presented at this year’s BSCB-BSDB Spring meeting in Canterbury

Posted by , on 31 May 2011

Each year, three medals to honour extraordinary research achievements in cell and developmental biology are awarded at the joint conference of the British Societies for Cell Biology (BSCB) and Developmental ...

Zinc Finger Nucleases targeting genes in a frog near you!

Posted by , on 9 May 2011

Loss-of-function studies in Xenopus have been, until recently, limited to transient knockdowns by injection of morpholino antisense oligonucleotides.  In part because of X. laevis’ complex allotetraploid genome, the system lacked ...

A Farewell to (frog) Arms (apologies to Hemingway)

Posted by , on 15 December 2010

  The backstory to our recent Developmental Biology paper “The secreted integrin ligand nephronectin is necessary for forelimb formation in Xenopus tropicalis”  includes scenes of several members of the Zimmerman ...

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