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The Marseille Developmental Biology Institute is recruiting group leaders

Posted by , on 16 February 2023

The IBDM invites applications for group leader positions. We seek researchers who define and address fundamental questions in biology, including the development, the function, and the dynamics of complex biological systems.

Research activities at the IBDM synergistically connect developmental biology with molecular, cell, and computational biology, as well as evolution, biophysics, neurobiology, physiology, and physiopathology. The IBDM, affiliated with CNRS and AMU, uniquely fosters interdisciplinarity (Centuri) by its intimate connections with physicists, computational scientists, and mathematicians. IBDM is also engaged in other federative programs of AMU to address major challenges in NeuroscienceCancer and ImmunologyRare Diseases, and Imaging.

The IBDM strongly benefits from its collaborative and international scientific culture, English working language, and a fantastic campus, located in the heart of the Calanques National Park.

The IBDM is committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusivity. The selected candidates will receive a start-up package, and will benefit from outstanding core facilities, including light and electron microscopy, as well as state-of-the-art animal facilities (mouse, DrosophilaXenopus) for functional studies. The IBDM will also provide engaged mentoring to the selected candidates to obtain a tenured position (CNRS or AMU) and to secure extramural funding (ATIP/Avenir, ERC, etc…).

Candidates should provide :

  • A single PDF file containing a cover letter explaining their motivation to join the IBDM,
  • CV,
  • Summary of their main research achievements (2 pages maximum),
  • Future research project (5 pages maximum), 
  • Contacts of three references

Applications and queries should be sent to the search committee ( before March 1st 2023. In-person interviews will be scheduled from June 2023. 


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