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The Node correspondents

The Node correspondents

At the beginning of 2023, we appointed our first three correspondents, Alexandra Bisia, Brent Foster and Dina Mikimoto. In 2024, we welcome three new Node correspondents, Alex Neaverson, James Zwierzynski and Shreyasi Mukherjee. We are looking forward to working with them throughout the year and we hope you enjoy reading their posts on a range of topics.

Introducing the new cohort of the Node correspondents

Posted by , on 6 February 2024

Find out more about the new Node correspondents, Alex Neaverson, James Zwierzynski and Shreyasi Mukherjee.

Non-model organisms: weird critters and the people who study them

Posted by , on 29 January 2024

By Brent Foster and Alexandra Bisia When the two of us, Brent and Alex, started our Node correspondent positions early last year, we both expressed an interest in non-model organisms …

Online vs in-person conferences: advantages, disadvantages and why we need both

Posted by , on 15 January 2024

All flavours of a conference – in-person, online, or maybe hybrid? Thinking back to my first conference, it was a confusing experience for me. It happened well into my PhD …

BEE-ST – a technique for monitoring hard tissue development

Posted by , on 3 January 2024

What is this? BEE-ST (Bone and tEEth Spatio-Temporal growth monitoring) is a method to monitor mineralization dynamics across species. It is based on the intraperitoneal (abdominal cavity) administration of fluorescent …

Japan SciCom Forum 2023 – an apprentice science writer finding a place to belong

Posted by , on 19 December 2023

In my previous article, I discussed the importance of joining communities and finding your crowd. Following my own advice, I have joined the Japan SciComm Forum, the community for English-speaking …

“Here’s looking at -oids, kid”: meeting report – Vienna ISSCR symposium, December 2023

Posted by , on 19 December 2023

One does not easily pass up the opportunity to attend an ISSCR conference, especially when said conference is in Vienna, in the leadup to Christmas, and the venue is the …

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