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Useful resources for postdocs – #PostdocAppreciationWeek

Posted by , on 21 September 2022

It’s great to say thanks, but the fact that postdocs need to have a dedicated appreciation week suggests that they are often underappreciated in science. There are a plethora of reasons why this might be the case, going from the behaviour of individual colleagues right up to issues that are deeply ingrained in the academic system. Below we have included some links to resources that address (and suggest some solutions to) some of the issues that postdocs may face. Many universities and research institutes offer their own resources, events and courses for postdocs, so make sure to check what is available locally. And drop us an email at with any additional links that we should add to our list.

General resources

The National Postdoctoral Association is a US-based organisation and while many of the resources are country-specific, they have a lot of information that will be useful no matter where you are working.


A preprint highlight from preLights –

Peer Support

UK and EU Postdoc Slack

Future PIs slack



Work-life balance

Mental health

How Development supports ECRs

The Great Resignation

For a light-hearted look at postdoc life and the alternatives, check out ‘The Great Resignation‘ series from our friend Mole at Journal of Cell Science.

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