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Woods Hole images 2014 round 1- vote for a Development cover

Posted by , on 19 May 2014

Every year we give the Node readers the chance to choose their favourite images from a selection of great pictures taken by the students of the Woods Hole Embryology course. Last year you chose 4 beautiful images that featured in the cover of Development, and now is time to make your choice again!

Winners 2013

Below are 4 great images from last year’s course. Vote in the poll at the end of this post to choose the image that you would like to see in the cover of Development! You can see a bigger version by clicking on the images.

Voting will close noon GMT on June 9th.



1. Squid (Loligo pealeii) embryo stained with anti-acetylated tubulin (red), anti-serotonin (green), and DAPI (blue,nuclei). Imaged on a Zeiss LSM 700 confocal. This image was taken by Nathan Kenny (University of Oxford), Kathryn McClelland (Institute for Molecular Bioscience, University of Queensland), and Sophie Miller (University of Cambridge).



2. Annelid (Capitella teleta) larvae (stage 8), stained with Phalloidin (cyan, F-actin), anti-acetylated-tubulin (yellow), anti-FMRFamide (red) and Hoechst (purple, nuclei). Imaged on a Leica SP8 confocal. This image was taken by Poulomi Ray (Clemson University).



3. Live late stage embryo of a squid (Loligo pealeii). Imaged with a Zeiss SV8 and a SPOT Flex camera. This image was taken by Brijesh Kumar (Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur).



4. Eye of a late stage squid (Loligo pealeii) embryo stained with Phalloidin (green, F-actin), anti-acetylated tubulin (red), and DAPI (blue, nuclei). Imaged on a Zeiss LSM 780 confocal. This image was taken by Ezgi Kunttas (Carnegie Mellon University).

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    1. Hi Glenn. You should be able to see the poll just below the images, but maybe there is a problem with your browser. Which browser are you using? Have you tried a different one? If this doesn’t solve it drop us an email and we will try to help:


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