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5 thoughts on “An interview with Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado”

  1. Thanks to The Node and Alejandro for this wonderful piece of inspiration. As members of the developmental biology community we are proud to have a young leader like you :)

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  2. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  3. What do you mean by ‘hidden due to low comment rating’? Do you know what in percentage means 25 positive comments out of a total of 56: 44,6%, close to 50% which means half. Do you qualify this as ‘low’? For God’s sake! This is pure censorship. I’m sure some in The Node has spanish ancestors going back to ‘El Gran Inquisidor’. Pity.

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  4. Hi Jaume,
    Apologies for this. When we set up the Node, we decided that – as a community site – it would be more appropriate for the community to moderate comments than to do so ourselves. We therefore set up a system whereby if a comment got a certain number or proportion (I forget which!) of negative ratings, it would be automatically hidden (though interested readers can still access it by clicking on the link). We envisaged this primarily for irrelevant or spam-like comments (that got through our spam filter) and only very rarely has this system been triggered for genuine and valuable comments like yours. We will need to go in and look at our systems to see if there is a way of unhiding your comment, or if we should just re-think our current set-up.
    Thanks for pointing this out and apologies again!

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  5. How Come Mr, Jaume Baguna post a comment here ? i’ve read one of his Papers ( dawn of bilaterian 2004 ) really was Hooked , If he said that . Then it must be True !

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