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One thought on “Citing Data”

  1. The issue of finding an appropriate place for supplementary files and research data is being tackled directly by the DryadUK project (, funded by JISC and run by Oxford University and the British Library. We aim to establish a sustainable framework for integrating data archiving and access into the workflows of scientific publishers.

    With Dryad, an author submitting an article to a participating journal is asked to also submit the underlying data to the Dryad repository. The data is then curated, and a DataCite DOI is sent to the journal for inclusion in the article. The data is thus securely stored, preserved and made publicly available for validation and repurposing etc., with very little overhead for the journal itself. We are now also working on implementations where the data can also be made available for the peer review process if desired.

    The focus of the Dryad repository is specifically in the fields of evolution, ecology, and biomedicine, but the results of the project in terms of identifying a sustainable framework for data repositories in the publishing process will be of much broader applicability.

    If anyone is interested in more information, or in participating in DryadUK, please get in touch (


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