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Dicty World Race – 2014

Posted by on March 1st, 2014

The first ever World Dicty Race  will require cells to navigate a complex microfluidic maze to reach a pool of chemoattractant at the finish line.  Diffusion of the chemoattractant will create a spatial gradient to guide cells along the shortest path to the finish line. The challenge is to engineer Dicty or HL60 cells to be both smart and fast!   As you know, where Dicty cells shine in precision, they lack in speed, and where HL60 are good sprinters,

they lack in precision. Thus, we are asking laboratories around the world to prepare and send us their fastest and smartest Dicty and HL60 cells.  Cells will compete against each other and against human neutrophils.  The race will take place in Boston, May 16 and winning Dicty team will get $5,000 and 15 minutes of fame at the Annual Dicty Conference.


world racing dicty _thanks to Jonny Chang @ ASCB

Image: world racing dicty _thanks to Jonny Chang @ ASCB

You can get involved with the World Dicty Race in any of these three ways:

- Sign up as a participant on our website by March 14.  We only accept only one Dicty cell line from each team, but will send you devices to run the “qualifying race” in your lab.

- Share the news  about the race and our plain English project description site for the general public.

- Send us a note about the type of races that would be of interest for your area of research and will build together the microfluidic tools to make these race happen next year (email us at :





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  1. Dan says:
    By the way, this may be the first time a Dicty cell is on the front page in Wall Street Journal:

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