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4 thoughts on “Grasping tendon development with the zebrafish”

  1. Excellent post Jessica and Jenna, and congrats on your Development manuscript. Your work clearly highlights the need for a better understanding of tendon formation in vertebrates. I would be interested in finding out if the zebrafishs’ regenerative properties (fin regeneration, for example) are also extended to their tendons?

    1. Thanks Matthew for your comments and your question. We are very interested in finding out if zebrafish can regenerate their tendons- its a project we’re currently working on and hope to have an answer soon!

  2. Doctor Shehan who use to write for Runner’s World stated that if you searttd today running it would take your body seven years to totally adapt to running. Most people have no idea how long it takes or why. We forget that our bodies are living cells that take years sometimes to replace themselves. The stress on bones when running makes them adapt to take the stress. It does not happen overnight. I suggest also that people train by running placing weight on different parts of their foot so they can take withstand that acquard foot strike that happens every now an then. I practice running on a trend mill. I move weight bearing foot strike to heals, ball of foot, more on right foot then more on left foot just for practice. It is good to train your brain to adapt and it keeps running from being boring.

  3. Hello Jessica and Jenna,

    My name is Gabrielle Swain, and I will be attending Penn State this fall majoring in vertebrate physiology. Currently, I’m writing a research paper specifically on this topic, and would love to know more about your work. I hope to receive and MD/PhD focusing on regenerative physiology, specifically in zebrafish, after graduating from Penn State. Though it will be a while until I get to that point, I would like to get a head start with the known information on zebrafish tendon physiology. Is there any way to talk to either of you, via email or phone, about the regenerative properties in zebrafish tendons and ligaments? If so, I would be extremely grateful.

    Thank you, and have a nice day,

    Gabrielle Swain
    Millennium Scholars Cohort II
    Penn State University, Class of 2018
    Cell: (609) 647-6620

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