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The people behind the papers: Alaa Hachem & John Parrington

Posted by on August 16th, 2017

Embryogenesis begins with fertilisation, and defective activation of the egg by the sperm is implicated in human infertility. Today’s paper, published in the most recent issue of Development, investigates the role of the sperm protein PLCζ in egg activation and the calcium oscillations that accompany it. We caught up with co-first author Alaa Hachem and his[…]

And in the beginning was histone 1

Posted by on September 30th, 2013

A team at IRB Barcelona identifies an essential protein for embryonic viability during the first cell divisions in the fly Drosophila. This protein, called dBigH1, which is a variant of histone 1, could also be associated with fertility issues.   A zygote is the first cell of a new individual that comes about as the[…]