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Fish, pharma & flamenco: highlights of the 6th Zebrafish Disease Models workshop

Posted by , on 24 July 2013

Set against a beautiful backdrop of baroque architecture and cobbled streets in Murcia, Spain, the 6th Zebrafish Disease Models workshop (ZDM6) kicked off with an awe-inspiring keynote talk on developing ...

Principal Technician PS01478

Posted by , on 23 July 2013

The Wellcome Trust – Medical Research Council Stem Cell Institute draws together outstanding researchers from 25 stem cell laboratories in Cambridge to form a world-leading centre for stem cell biology ...

Six weeks in Woods Hole

Posted by , on 23 July 2013

Six weeks of Science. Forty-four days of lectures, discussions and (sometimes crazy) experiments at the bench. One thousand fifty-six hours in Woods Hole, attending to the 125th Embryology Course organized ...

ESF QuanTissue Workshop

Posted by , on 22 July 2013

The 8th European zebrafish meeting first started with the “ESF QuanTissue” workshop, a 4 hour session where speakers showed current research about basic mechanisms that regulate cellular behavior during morphogenetic ...

ERC funded Post-doctoral position: Pasteur Institute, Paris

Posted by , on 19 July 2013

How stem cells contribute to tissues during growth and regeneration remains largely unknown in vertebrates. Skeletal muscle provides an excellent paradigm to investigate this issue since powerful transcription factors that ...

Post Doctoral Research Associate Position available in Tooth EvoDevo in UK

Posted by , on 18 July 2013

Postdoc: USheffield.SharkEvoDevo A Post-doctoral Research Associate position is available in evolutionary developmental biology of shark and ray dentitions, Department of Animal and Plant Sciences, University of Sheffield, UK. This is ...

“Working with Zebrafish Genome Resources” Workshop during the 8th European Zebrafish Meeting

Posted by , on 18 July 2013

This was my first time in lovely Barcelona. I travelled from London the day before the zebrafish meeting kicked-off (in order to be well rested and alert for all the ...

A fantastic trip in Sydney, supported by a Travelling Fellowship

Posted by , on 16 July 2013

With the support from The Company of Biologists, I was lucky to obtain the opportunity to visit Macquaire University in Australia for approximately two months. It was a fantastic trip, ...

An interview with Maria Leptin

Posted by , on 16 July 2013

Maria Leptin is a successful group leader in the developmental biology and immunology fields, running labs in both Cologne and Heidelberg. In 2010 she also became the director of the ...

In Development this week, Vol. 140, Issue 15

Posted by , on 16 July 2013

Here are the highlights from the current issue of Development:   From hPSC to mature hepatocyte Liver development entails induction of definitive endoderm, specification of the endoderm to a hepatic ...

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