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Posted by , on 18 August 2014

Applications are still being invited for this exciting course, to be given at MBL October 12-24, 2014.   This is the 7th edition of an advanced Course oriented around the ...

(Developmental) Biology around the internet- August 2014

Posted by , on 15 August 2014

Here is August’s round-up of some of the interesting content that we spotted around the internet:   News & Research: – An interesting article considers the impact of the Great ...

The SDB-BSDB Interview Chain: Zarah Löf-Öhlin interviews Niteace Whittington

Posted by , on 12 August 2014

Last March we interviewed Zarah Löf-Öhlin, who won the BSDB poster prize at the joint meeting of the British Societies for Cell Biology and Developmental Biology. Zarah’s prize was to ...

On inspiration

Posted by , on 11 August 2014

I write this article in the beautiful city of Vienna at the European Society for Evolutionary Developmental Biology meeting 2014. This is a meeting that happens every two years and ...

An evolving field- notes from the European Evo Devo meeting

Posted by , on 7 August 2014

Coming from a cell biology background, one of the most exciting things about attending developmental biology conferences for me is the range of (unusual) model organisms used in this field. ...

Do you want to visit a collaborators lab? Apply for a travelling fellowship!

Posted by , on 7 August 2014

Are you a postdoc or student planning to visit a collaborators lab? Then apply for a Development travelling fellowship! You can be awarded up to £2,500 (or currency equivalent) to offset travel costs ...

Out with the old, in with the new: reassessing morpholino knockdowns in light of genome editing technology

Posted by , on 6 August 2014

This Spotlight article was written by Stefan Schulte-Merker and Didier Y. R. Stainier, and was first published in Development.   Morpholino oligomers have been used widely and for many years in the zebrafish community ...

In Development this week (Vol. 141, Issue 16)

Posted by , on 6 August 2014

Here are the highlights from the current issue of Development:   PCP signalling is dispensable for neural crest migration The neural crest (NC) is a transient and migratory population of ...

Challenging an old stem cell dogma

Posted by , on 4 August 2014

Science teachers usually say that science progresses by challenging old dogmas. In the stem cell field, there is a dogma saying that some blood stem cells in the bone marrow ...

Creative morphometrics - so many tools, so little time

Posted by , on 4 August 2014

Nowadays, the hardest thing in science is similar to what we experience in daily life, that is organization and choice. In a virtual plethora of techniques, methods and analyses, an ...

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