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(Developmental) Biology around the internet- August 2014

Posted by , on 15 August 2014

Here is August’s round-up of some of the interesting content that we spotted around the internet:


News & Research:

– An interesting article considers the impact of the Great War in women in science.

Alan Turing’s contributions to developmental biology featured in an excellent article in Mosaic.

– Do you use Research Gate? Or maybe Twitter? Nature News & Comment investigated how scientists use social networks.

– The British Society for Developmental Biology and the Node collated a list of outreach projects, resources and more. Have a look!

– And several articles considered different aspects of science jobs:

      – How stress affects postdocs, and how to deal with it

      – Should early scientists still be required to move country and institutes?

      – Why advertise a job position if you’ve already picked your winner?

      – Chris Wylie wrote this document a few years ago, providing advice to young faculty


Weird & Wonderful:

– If you are a fan of hama beads, you can now create images of the most common model organisms (suitable for cross stitching as well!)

– If famous scientists had logos, this is probably what they would look like.

– An artist has taken advantage of an  insect’s biology to create cocoons of gold and jewells

– ‘Directed evolution of a full professor‘- the research study (well, at least an abstract!)

– What is your pipette tip personality?




Beautiful & Interesting images:

– The smooth ER gets all the girls!

– A visual guide to bioluminescent creatures .

– Creating images of model organism out of laboratory equipment .

– Happy grass cells!  

Videos worth watching:

– Great video of a reconstructed beating heart.

– The importance of funding basic science, winner of a FASEB outreach competition.

– ‘Smells like development’, a Nirvana parody. And if you like this, make sure to also check the Devo Show!


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