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Camelid antibodies go fishing

Posted by , on 18 May 2015

Figure 1. “Cytoplasm”, illustration by David S. Goodsell, the Scripps Research Institute.   When contemplating the illustrations by David S. Goodsell (Figure 1), the first thing that stands out is how ...

Stem cell treatments, proven and unproven

Posted by , on 18 May 2015

Hello! Read on for some fascinating stories of stem cell treatments – proven and unproven – and find out about a new website with great information to help you tell the difference. The Hubrecht ...

Young Embryologists Meet in Boston

Posted by , on 16 May 2015

Work from Vaibhav Pai showing how manipulation of bioelectrical effects can rescue brain deficiencies caused by the introduction of Notch ICD Trying to meet other young researchers in the Boston ...

Signalling 2015: Cellular Functions of Phosphoinositides and Inositol Phosphates

Posted by , on 15 May 2015

A joint Biochemical Society / FEBS Focused Meeting, held to mark the retirement of Professor Robin Irvine, FRS. It will be organized by Len Stephens, Phill Hawkins, Colin Taylor and ...

The 2014 European Fly Neurobiology Conference

Posted by , on 15 May 2015

The ‘Biennial European Fly Neurobiology Conference’ is now more commonly known by its other name, ‘Neurofly’. And as of today, it has been about 7 months since the last Neurofly, which ...

Cell motion associated with stemness

Posted by , on 14 May 2015

Stem cells play crucial roles in development as well as tissue homeostasis, repair, and regeneration, and their dysregulation is involved in diseases and aging of the tissues. The stem cell ...

BSDB Medal Award lectures now on YouTube

Posted by , on 13 May 2015

This is a news item which was first posted on the site. Please, note that not all items will be duplicated on The Node. To ensure you stay informed, ...

A day in the life of a Marchantia lab

Posted by , on 12 May 2015

Cecilia Lara-Mondragón and Mario Arteaga-Vázquez Hello, my name is Cecilia Lara. I am an undergrad student working under the supervision of Dr. Mario Arteaga-Vazquez at the Laboratory of Epigenetics and ...

An interview with Juergen Knoblich

Posted by , on 12 May 2015

This interview first appeared in Development.   Juergen Knoblich is a senior scientist and deputy scientific director of the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna. We met ...

In Development this week (Vol. 142, Issue 10)

Posted by , on 12 May 2015

Here are the highlights from the current issue of Development:   Capping off sesamoid bone development Sesamoid bones are small, flat bones that are embedded within tendons. To date, it ...

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