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Developing news

Posted by , on 29 March 2022

Read on for our news roundup of the past month, with an emphasis on what has caught our eyes on twitter. This month, we also include a list of meetings ...

A journey towards understanding the embryo - maternal vasculature interactions during implantation

Posted by , on 27 March 2022

Niraimathi Govindasamy from the Bedzhov lab, takes us through the story behind their paper on the interactions between the embryo and maternal vasculature.

FocalPlane launches the FocalPlane Network

Posted by , on 25 March 2022

FocalPlane has recently launched the FocalPlane Network, a global directory for microscopists. Like the Node Network, the FocalPlane Network was created with diversity in mind, and is entirely inclusive.FocalPlane has ...

ABC-RI International Forum - Spring 2022

Posted by , on 24 March 2022

“GENE AND CELL THERAPIES FOR HEALTHY AGEING” (virtual event) April 12th 2022 (1-4 pm GMT, Lisbon Time), PROGRAM:13:00 Welcome – 13:05 Keynote: Bruno Silva-Santos, Instituto de Medicina Molecular João Lobo ...

Writing ideas newsletter

Posted by , on 24 March 2022

Welcome to the spring edition of our 'Occasional writing ideas' newsletter.

Genetics Unzipped: Introducing exosomes - exciting ideas for biological mailbags

Posted by , on 24 March 2022

In the latest episode of the Genetics Unzipped podcast, sponsored by Lonza, unpacking the science behind exosomes: one of the hottest new areas of research for both diagnosing and treating ...

SciArt profile: Maria Abou Chakra

Posted by , on 23 March 2022

In our latest SciArt profile, we meet Maria Abou Chakra. Maria is a theoretical biologist who introduces us to her sci-sketchnotes and highlights the importance of creativity in science.

2022 Hydra Summer School in Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine

Posted by , on 18 March 2022

Registration is open for the 2022 Hydra Summer School in Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine. This is a stimulating high-level course for postdocs, advanced PhD students (usually 2nd year ...

Tricks for concise scientific writing #wordcountchop

Posted by , on 18 March 2022

Often in scientific writing, we are up against strict limits, whether it be the number of words for a conference abstract, the number of pages for a grant proposal or ...

Development Journal Meeting 2022 - From Stem Cells to Human Development

Posted by , on 18 March 2022

September 2022 sees the return of the popular Development Journal Meeting focussed on human development.  After the successful virtual event in 2020, this year’s meeting will be hosted at Wotton ...

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