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Posted by , on 24 March 2022

Dear all,

Welcome to the spring edition of our ‘Occasional writing ideas’ newsletter. With the world opening up again, we have focussed our ideas on getting back to ‘normal’ or finding our new normal. However, we are not limiting our posts to these topics, and you are welcome to post on any subject relevant to the developmental and stem cell biology community. If you would like to discuss any ideas for new content, or would like help with editing or posting, please get in contact at   

Helen Zenner
Community Manager, the Node
The Company of Biologists

Writing Ideas

  • Meetings or symposia
    • Are you about to attend your first in-person meeting, or just your first for two years? You could share your experiences in a meeting report. See our blog on writing meeting reports here for guidance on what you can include in your post.
    • Will you be taking advantage of the fact that so many meetings now have a virtual component? Is this for public health, accessibility or sustainability reasons? What do you think conference providers can do to improve your experience?
  • Webinar series/online communities
    • Are you involved with a webinar series that you would like to highlight? Do you have any tips and tricks to overcome Zoom fatigue and keep your audience engaged?
    • Did you start, or become part of, an online community during the pandemic? How has this helped your mental health, your research, or your career?
  • Lab life
    • What are the positive and negative effects of the pandemic on your research? Has the pandemic led to any behavioural changes that are set to stay?
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