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3 year PhD Position at the biophysics / cell-based therapy interface

Posted by , on 27 January 2014

Closing Date: 15 March 2021

The team “Physics of the Cytoskeleton and Morphogenesis” is looking for a PhD candidate to apply for a 3-year scholarship from the IRTELIS program (CEA). The work will be performed in Paris, at the Hospital Saint Louis, in collaboration with Cell Therapy Unit.

Our team studies the physical rules regulating cell architecture and internal organization. To that end, we developed surface micro-fabrication techniques (J Cell Science 2012, Lab On Chip 2011) in order to impose spatial boundary conditions to cytoskeleton self-organization. These geometrical and mechanical processes are investigated in cells (Nature Cell Biology 2013, PNAS 2012, JCB 2010) and in vitro with reconstituted systems made of purified proteins (Nature Materials 2013, Science 2012, Nature Materials 2010).


In vivo, stem cells are submitted to geometrical and mechanical constraints that impact their biology and can, for instance, modulate their commitment to different lineages. Most efforts in the field are directed toward the investigation of the regulation of gene expression by the production of mechanical constraints on the nucleus. Our project rather focuses on symmetry breaking and cell polarization. We recently showed that these biases in the spatial organization of cell architecture can impact the symmetry of stem cell division and the fate of their progeny (Cell Reports 2013). The purpose of the proposed work is to use microfabrication tools to engineer artificial stem cell niches in which the contribution of physical cues could be controlled and modulated. Thereby we will investigate the role of these parameters in stem cell polarization and differentiation.


This subject has been pre-selected by the IRTELIS committee. We now look for a master student with a good background in cell and molecular biology and/or micro/nano-fabrication. The deadline for application on the IRTELIS website is 2014 March 21st.

It is recommended that candidates contact us ( before submitting  their application.

To have further informations about our lab please visit our website:

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