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Adding events to the Node calendar

Posted by , on 4 August 2011

I’ve just added some 2012 conferences to the events calendar, and thought I’d give a quick reminder on how to add events here. If you have an account on the Node, you will have received these instructions when your account was approved. (And if you don’t have a Node account, you can get one here.)

When logged in, click “add/edit events” in the sidebar of the Node admin panel.

You’ll now get to the page where you can add an event. In the following picture, the numbers correspond to the list below:

1. Add name of event
2. Select both boxes (skip the first if there is no website)
3. Add start and end date of event
4. Add location
5. This is set to “conference” by default, but can be changed to “workshop” or “course”
6. Add website address

Don’t forget to save. Your event now appears on the events calendar!

If you want to share more detailed information about conferences (eg. if you’re organising one) you can write a post about it, but don’t forget to also add it to the calendar!

(Get these instructions as a pdf)

(NB – events that are not relevant to the developmental biology community, or commercial/sales events (such as product demos) will be removed from the calendar. If you’re not sure whether an event is suitable, you can contact us or leave a comment below.)

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