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5 thoughts on “An Informative Career Day at The EMBO Meeting in Vienna”

  1. This sounds like it was very useful!
    I don’t remember where I first heard the tip about leaving irrelevant things off your CV, but I know that my first CV after undergrad had all kinds of things on it that nobody actually cared about, such as my summer job working at a bank! (I’m sure that was still on my graduate school application, even though they would have rather had me spend my summers in a lab….)

  2. Peter – Thank you for your comment!
    I can definitely post the lists, although I’m not sure they’ll make too much sense to anyone who wasn’t in the workshop since we came up with them during our discussions. But I’ll dig it out and post it tomorrow.

  3. Here are the dos and don’ts lists:

    In your CV and cover letter

    Do: Include outside experience; Be a match to the job description; Be brief, but include relevant info; Prove everything you say – give small examples in the cover letter; Be concrete; Open ending in cover letter (looking forward to hearing from you etc.); Publications at the end

    Don’t: Too general; No cover letter; Not including relevant experience; Duplicate info; Full title of PhD thesis; Hide important skills; Ignore gaps; Include personal info; Exaggerate; Too detailed; Include irrelevant info; Hollow phrases

    During your interview

    Do: Concrete answers; Give info, but don’t evaluate; Take time to think before answering; Be interactive, friendly, outgoing, self-confident; Match behaviour to position; Give background stories to CV

    Don’t: Downplay; Focus on what you can’t do


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