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Antibody reporting in developmental biology journals

Posted by , on 12 September 2013

We are trying to encourage scientists and journals to work together to improve reporting of antibody experiments which is often poor. See our comment article;

We would really appreciate any information of which DB journals have existing antibody reporting guidelines (so we can credit them) and encourage editors of journals who do not have them to consider adding them.


Andy Chalmers.

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2 thoughts on “Antibody reporting in developmental biology journals”

  1. Thanks for posting Andy – this is making me review Development’s policies for antibody reporting! At the moment, we require species, supplier and dilution to be reported, and authors often provide more information than this. But we don’t have specific guidelines in our Instructions to Authors; it’s something we check at copy editing stage.
    I’ve not yet read your commentary in full, but will do so when I get the chance, and we will review our policies to see whether there’s anything else we should be doing.
    We’d also appreciate feedback from the community on what you think we ought to require in the Materials and Methods section, so leave your thoughts in the comments thread!

  2. Hi Katherine, That is great to hear thanks.

    It is interesting you check at the copy editing stage, I would certainly suggest you add code number to your requirements, a large company may have 10 antibodies to a single protein.


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