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Building strength and stability: assembly of tendon-bone attachment

Posted by , on 12 July 2013

I appreciate my health and body, but I admit that there are times when I take all of the amazing biology inside my body for granted.  My bones and muscles ...

Seeing a future for retinal regeneration

Posted by , on 14 June 2013

Regeneration is a superpower not just reserved for superheroes—salamanders and newts are able to regenerate lost limbs and tails, and fish can regenerate new retinal neurons after injury to the ...

Stem cells crossing boundaries

Posted by , on 16 May 2013

For most of us, we don’t all end up settled as adults in the same town where we were born.  The same is true for many cells, including some stem ...

The hair follicle as a system of stem cell biology

Posted by , on 11 April 2013

Monday is tax day for most of us on the American side of the pond.  That ought to cause massive hair loss for many folks, but we have amazing hair ...

Stripes and Stem Cells

Posted by , on 7 March 2013

You didn’t stop developing once you were born (or hatched).  Our infant selves barely resemble ourselves as adults, thankfully, and stem cells play an important role in this continued development.  ...