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Slidecasts and videos from conference on congenital melanocytic nevus

Posted by , on 5 February 2014

Limited time offer! Read on.   As a developmental biologist, I have found my calling in applying what I have learned about normal embryogenesis to better understanding the pathophysiology of ...

Group leader position in Marseille, France

Posted by , on 8 January 2014

CALL FOR A GROUP LEADER POSITION AT THE DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY INSTITUTE OF MARSEILLE The Developmental Biology Institute of Marseille (IBDM) is a leading research institute in Europe, with a unique ...

Conference announcement: Advances in stem cell research: Development, Regeneration & Disease in Paris, France

Posted by , on 19 January 2011

Announcement for the Advances in stem cell research: Development, Regeneration & Disease conference at the Pasteur Institute, Paris, April 6-8, 2011.

Nothing beats a movie for developmental biologists

Posted by , on 16 December 2010

Webcasting is a new art that is still being perfected, but which holds great promise for scientific collaboration at both small and large scales.

A primer or two in collegiality and mutual benefit

Posted by , on 2 November 2010

Who wants to reinvent the wheel? Resources for finding or judging the worth of PCR primers, particularly for quantitation or amplification of cDNA.

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Thanks for trying, Eva. I think I should just remove some tags (and will, since the problem still shows up). Even I am not sure I can go - it's a chock-full conference year, but we'll see, and the program looks great.
by Heather in Conference announcement: Advances in stem cell research: Development, Regeneration & Disease in Paris, France on January 20, 2011
Arrgh. Can't edit the comment. Well, here's another attempt at the link to Embryonic Landscapes.
by Heather in Developmental biology art from Japan on December 8, 2010
Awesome collection of resources. That WormBook one makes me want to change model organisms, or at least go take a sabbatical. Wait, I always am looking for an excuse for a sabbatical. Well, perhaps in another ten years, then. Thanks for a great post!
by Heather in WormBase: It’s not just for C. elegans anymore on November 2, 2010
Thanks for the report from the front lines - and especially, the photos. Embryology is ever a visual discipline. And that Wood's Hole course is a global reference. Hope the seaside location made up for the steamy New England summer!
by Heather in Embryological Discovery in Woods Hole : Vertebrates on July 29, 2010