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The in silico metamorphosis of the best known metazoan GRN

Posted by , on 31 August 2012

This rather lengthy summary describes a fascinating progress in the field of GRN modeling; it is a review of the article “Predictive computation of genomic logic processing functions in embryonic ...

"You have problems with gene regulation, you say?" "Then get rid of the genes!"

Posted by , on 23 August 2012

The purpose of this summary is to present to “The Node” readers a recent update to the story which, in my opinion, is a quite interesting example of the phenomenon ...

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Both bat and turtle skeletal preparations are exquisite!
by Kalin D. Narov in Vote for a Development cover – Woods Hole – Round 4 on September 6, 2012
a very welcomed idea :)
by Kalin D. Narov in Public profiles on the Node on August 31, 2012
Yes, I was fascinated by the extent of the phenomenon, and is thought-provoking for sure! I guess it was quite challenging, methodologically.. Well done! Are you concentrating efforts on the possible differential deletions within the soma? This would be especially interesting as well :)
by Kalin D. Narov in “You have problems with gene regulation, you say?” “Then get rid of the genes!” on August 27, 2012