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Public profiles on the Node

Posted by , on 30 August 2012

When you click on an author’s name on a Node post, you are currently shown a page with all of the posts by that author. You can try it on this post.

In a few weeks, this is going to change! We will soon have profile pages for everyone who has written (or will write) on the Node. The profile page will list biography information that you can edit yourself. We’ve created a page that describes how to do that.

If you currently have a post anywhere on the Node, whether it’s a job ad or a two-year-old conference report, I recommend checking what you have filled out in your profile, because it will soon be public!

We have a few other changes in the works for the Node, and we hope to have the redesign up in the third week of September. If you can find a minute to update your profile before September 13, that would be very helpful.

You can always edit your profile later, but please just be aware that in a few weeks the biography section from your profile will become public.

The information page clearly describes what part of your profile will become public, and how to edit it.

If you have any questions, let us know via email, or leave a comment below.

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