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4 thoughts on “Opening the doors of scientific conferences to local citizens”

  1. Hi Catherine,
    The objects ranged from lab pipettes to fixed embryos and fluffy Drosophila! All of them worked really well as a stsrting point for the conversation!
    Thanks for your interest!

  2. Once in a year, Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad conducts an Open Day. Around 10000 people (mostly schoolkids) come to the premises. First, we show them our facilities. Afterwards, we have concept exhibits and poster areas where they get to interact with PhD students and scientists. We keep our posters and explanations broad and simple.
    We have been doing this for past 25 years.

  3. That is great! Now you should go one step further and do it during a scientific meeting.
    Thankfully, open days are now being organized by many research institutes and they are a great way of getting the publics involved in science. However, not many conferences create space and time for local citizens.

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