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Grant writing in Africa

Posted by , on 27 October 2010

Today I gave a grant writing seminar for about 25 participants and went through the general structure and preparation as well as the expectations of reviewers and granting agencies.  The ...

Hello from Nairobi

Posted by , on 24 October 2010

My apologies for the lag in updates from field collections in China.  I got a little distracted with submitting a paper and writing a K99/R00 that seem to have consumed ...

On the first days in China...

Posted by , on 17 September 2010

I’m going to collect dates from my travel journal and batch post the most interesting bits.  See this post for my introduction and an explanation for all of this. Enjoy! ...

Oh my, what big feet you have...

Posted by , on 10 September 2010

Hello Node folks.  My name is Kim Cooper, and I’m a postdoctoral fellow with Cliff Tabin at Harvard Medical School.  I recently spoke at the SDB meeting in Albuquerque, and ...

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Also, J Gross is coming for EB/AAA - will you be here too?
by Kim Cooper in On how odd critters can answer important questions on March 29, 2013
Of course I had all of the appropriate transport paperwork allowing me to do that... I was marveling on the Red Line to Kendall yesterday how strange it's going to be to live in a city where it's not completely normal for other random passengers to be discussing their IRBs.
by Kim Cooper in On how odd critters can answer important questions on March 29, 2013
Actually, lunch yesterday was fried chicken dusted with black sesame seeds. Probably extra yummy since it was super fresh!
by Kim Cooper in Of course there are chickens… on April 28, 2012
I guess by "little vegetation", I meant little green vegetation is out yet which I'm using as one of the indicators of seasonal timing. But these guys can survive quite well just on last year's seeds and dried plants that haven't woken up yet. So I've asked them to move around to places that are more true desert with bare sand. The topology around here changes rapidly from farmland to flat scrub brush to more bare dunes, so the animals out in the bare dunes are likely to be the ones who aren't getting quite as much food. Maybe. Good suggestion about looking at the stomach contents. By "well fed", I mean how full is the whole digestive tract. Since I'm opening them up to get the embryos, that's what I've been comparing between the locations. Also the thickness of the tail is an indicator of health. But in terms of *what* they're eating, there is a lab here working on intestinal flora, so they're getting the internal organs after I take the embryos. Hopefully they'll be able to answer that question for me.
by Kim Cooper in Let the collections commence! on April 7, 2012
Jon, you're funny. I'm finding myself adding what I eat just for you. Thanks for posting comments. It's nice to have company way out here.
by Kim Cooper in Wildlife abounds, but jerboas? on March 30, 2012