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AI tackles variability of metastatic conversion triggered by bioelectric disregulation

Posted by , on 7 November 2015

  One of the most important problems in experimental biology has to do with variability / heterogeneity (Rubin, 1990): why do different organisms react differently to the same perturbation or ...

Computing the worm: artificial intelligence approaches to planarian regeneration and beyond

Posted by , on 30 October 2015

Pattern formation and regulation emerges from cellular activity determined by specific biophysical and genetic rules. A major challenge for developmental biology, biomedicine, and synthetic bioengineering is this highly indirect (Lobo ...

Gap junctions: versatile mediators of long-range developmental signals

Posted by , on 13 August 2015

My lab works on developmental bioelectricity, studying how cells communicate via endogenous gradients of plasma membrane resting potential (Vmem) in order to coordinate their activity during pattern regulation (Levin, 2013; ...

Nerves read the electrical topography of their microenvironment in making growth decisions

Posted by , on 29 June 2015

A really interesting recent paper on bioartificial limbs underscored the prospect of transplantation for problems in regenerative medicine. One key issue facing transplant technology is establishing appropriate innervation to the ...

Remembrance of Brains Past

Posted by , on 30 July 2013

What would happen to your memories and personality if, after decades of adult life, some portion of your brain was replaced with the progeny of fresh stem cells (as might ...