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Postdoc position in neural miRNA/3'UTR biology in Lai Lab, NYC

Posted by , on 17 December 2018

We have an opening for a motivated postdoctoral fellow with strong Drosophila molecular genetics experience and interest in post-transcriptional regulatory biology to join our team.   Although miRNAs are often ...

Postdoc: RNAi biology in intragenomic conflict and speciation (Lai lab, NYC)

Posted by , on 7 April 2018

Eric Lai Lab, Sloan-Kettering, NYC We have an opening for a postdoctoral position that will address fundamental questions in small RNA biology, genomic conflict, and speciation. What is endogenous RNAi ...

Postdoctoral positions in miRNA/siRNA biology in Lai Lab, Sloan-Kettering, NYC

Posted by , on 12 September 2017

We have openings for 2 motivated postdoctoral fellows with strong Drosophila molecular genetics experience and interest in integrative strategies to join our team. Project 1. miRNA biology in the nervous ...

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Postdoctoral positions to study mechanisms and biology of neural APA and splicing (NYC)

Posted by , on 23 March 2021

The Eric Lai lab at Sloan Kettering Institute, NYC ( has availability for two postdoctoral candidates to join our efforts on alternative mRNA processing in neurons, including regulated splicing and alternative 3′ UTRs. We use integrated approaches in Drosophila and mammals to elucidate molecular mechanisms that generate programs of alternative neural isoforms, reveal their genomic […]