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Postdoctoral positions in miRNA/siRNA biology in Lai Lab, Sloan-Kettering, NYC

Posted by , on 12 September 2017

Closing Date: 15 March 2021

We have openings for 2 motivated postdoctoral fellows with strong Drosophila molecular genetics experience and interest in integrative strategies to join our team.

Project 1. miRNA biology in the nervous system. Although miRNAs are often thought to mediate “fine-tuning”, we revealed many examples of profound defects in neural miRNA mutants (e.g. Garaulet J Neuroscience 2016, Sanfilippo Development 2016, Sun PLoS Genetics 2015, Garaulet Developmental Cell 2014). We uncovered other developmental and behavioral defects in neural miRNA mutants and utilize genetic, neurobiological and genome engineering strategies to precisely characterize their critical in vivo biologies.

Project 2. siRNA biology in the testis. What is endogenous RNAi utilized for? Surprisingly, there is still little clear biology. Building on our recent appreciation that Drosophila RNAi mediates adaptive gene regulation and productive spermatogenesis (e.g. Wen Molecular Cell 2015), we currently explore the evolution and function of RNAi systems across the Drosophilid phylogeny. We discovered networks of rapidly evolving RNAi substrates in the testis, and are using genomics and CRISPR/Cas9 in non-model fruitfly species to reveal critical roles of RNAi that cannot be seen in D. melanogaster, and may underlie speciation.

Funded positions with housing and medical benefits are available immediately. Please provide CV, motivation letter and references to Eric Lai,

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