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Postdoc position in neural miRNA/3’UTR biology in Lai Lab, NYC

Posted by , on 17 December 2018

Closing Date: 15 March 2021

We have an opening for a motivated postdoctoral fellow with strong Drosophila molecular genetics experience and interest in post-transcriptional regulatory biology to join our team.


Although miRNAs are often thought to mediate “fine-tuning”, we revealed many examples of profound defects in neural miRNA mutants. These include switches of cell fates in diverse types of sensory organs and in the CNS, and disruptions of neural function and behavior.


We are particularly interested now to exploit precise CRISPR engineering of 3’UTRs of critical targets, to dissect target regulation in specific celltypes and circuits that underlie phenotypes, and integrate this with genomic approaches, including single cell RNA sequencing. Moreover, our interests in miRNAs  dovetail with our studies of other modes of post-transcriptional regulation that are critical in the nervous system, including alternative polyadenylation, splicing, and RNA methylation.


The ideal candidate will be comfortable with classical and modern fly genetics and molecular methods, but will be interested to integrate biochemical, genomic, and/or computational strategies utilized by other lab members in a multidisciplinary and interactive environment.


Generous compensation, benefits, and housing package is available immediately ( Please provide CV, motivation letter and 3 references to Eric Lai,

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