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I am currently a PhD student in Auckland, New Zealand studying the biological activity of fruit extracts within a mouse model of inflammatory bowel disease. My project investigates biochemical changes in gut tissue of these mice after feeding extract-supplemented diets using transcriptomics and proteomics techniques and in vitro screening for anti-inflammatory activity using primary cultures from these mice. During my PhD I have been employed by Auckland University as a Tutor in charge of first year biology laboratories. In addition I've had a number of opportunities to train other postgraduate students in specific lab techniques.

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Teaching embryology to undergraduates

Posted by on June 18th, 2010

I am employed as a graduate teaching assistant for a first year biomedical sciences course at Auckland University in New Zealand. The class is called Cellular and Developmental Biology and my job is to help with tutoring the laboratory classes. For my lab streams I’m the one who stands at the front and gives instructions,[…]