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Posted by , on 28 March 2012

If you’ve recently visited our Facebook page, you may have already seen them, but we have some new banners – of both the physical and digital kind.

First of all, we have a new banner to take to conferences. If you’re going to some of the conferences where The Company of Biologists has a stand, you will get to see this in person. Its debut on the conference circuit will be the BSDB/BSCB/JSDB meeting in Warwick next month. Look for the banner there, and you may also find the Node Community Manager Eva Amsen and Development Executive Editor Katherine Brown, who are both attending the conference.

We also have a new digital banner on our Facebook page. Facebook is changing the way that pages look, and required us to switch to a timeline with “cover image”. It incorporates the images we use on promotional material (the banner and flyers) as well as the rainbow menu from the site, so it should look familiar!

We use Facebook to let you know of new Node posts, but also to point you to some interesting content on other websites. We also have a Twitter account, which includes most of the things that are also on Facebook, plus tweets from conferences and retweets from additional interesting sources.

All in all, there are many ways to keep up with the Node, and some of them now have a fresh new look.

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