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Bioscience Futures – enrich your career!

Posted by , on 31 August 2013

“If you’re looking for some really high quality career workshops specifically designed for doctoral and postdoctoral bioscientists then the Society for Experimental Biology’s new Bioscience Futures series could be just what you need!”

I must admit to being somewhat biased when I write the above advertising strapline, since I am not only organsing the initiative but also contributing to it! However, I am proud of the six one-day workshops we have to offer this year. With only 35 participants per workshop there is going to be plenty of interaction and opportunities to really delve into each career subject. The workshops on offer are as follows and include world recognised experts in their field:

1. Planning your career – how to find and keep your perfect job (11th October) – Sarah Blackford (
2. Writing funding proposals (25th October) – Carmen Gervaise (
3. Publishing your research – Beginner level (5th November) – Margaret Cargill (
4. Successful Applications and interviews (8th November) – Sarah Blackford (
5. Publishing your research – Intermediate/advanced level (26th November) – Irene Hames @irenehames
6. Using social media to promote and enhance your career (25th November) – Anne Osterrieder @AnneOsterrieder

Go to the Society for Experimental Biology website to see an overview of the programme, as well as biographies of the tutors, more information on the workshops and registration (buttons on the left hand side). Note that a fee is levied for each workshop at a break-even cost. If you have difficulties with the finance you can ask your PI or head of department if they have funds available for contract staff or students to attend external professional development courses.

I hope you like what you see and maybe I’ll see you in London in the Autumn. If you want to ask me anything in the meantime contact me via twitter @Bioscicareer or email

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