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CoB Workshop: Epigenetic Memory Day 3

Posted by , on 27 June 2012

Tuesday, third day of the workshop, brings up more arguments to the epigenetic memory debate. Alyson Ashe from Cambridge UK discussed the establishment and maintenance of silencing through generations in worms. Jonathan Chubb presented his work using Dictyostelium and live imaging to investigate pulses of expression and how it relates to epigenetic memory. Neil Brockdorff and Andy Bannister discussed histone modifications and their involvement in chromatin and transcriptional regulation (X inactivation and cancers respectively). Fantastic chunky chips for lunch and delicious Eton mess gave everyone the energy to carry on discussing the existence of early events in reprogramming (Amanda Fisher), X-inactivation in mouse embryos (Atsuo Ogura) and how cell type specificity is kept through mitosis. The workshop atmosphere resembles a chamber music session : epigenetic players take part in a very special session to write a new concerto. The interpretation of the music, however, can also generate few dissonances.

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3 thoughts on “CoB Workshop: Epigenetic Memory Day 3”

  1. Very insightful, keep posting. A suggestion – can you link the speakers’ names in posts to their webpages? That’ll be awesome. Also, some pictures of participants and speakers will be cool.

    1. Hi Rupinder, thanks for feedback on the Workshop posts. We’ve specifically asked the people who are writing about the COB Workshops to keep it short and simple – the workshops are very intense, and they have very little time to devote to the Node. In the past, when people wrote longer posts (with links and pictures) they often ended up spending too much time on it, and not getting the most out of the workshop. But we’ll keep your feedback in mind for the next workshops.

      There are some pictures of Wiston House on the Node somewhere, though, as the workshops are (usually) at the same location.

    2. Just as a further comment Rupinder: you can find the details of all the speakers via our Workshops page (, and we will be posting photos from the meeting there in due course. We will also be publishing a more detailed meeting report from the workshop in Development, so look out for that!

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