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Cover winner: bat embryo

Posted by , on 27 September 2012

It was a close race at times, but the bat embryo was able to maintain its lead to become the winner of the latest Woods Hole image competition. This bat will appear on the cover of Development soon:

The image shows an Alcian blue staining of a Stage 17 bat (Carollia perspicillata) embryo, and was taken by Lingyu Wang and Ketty Lee. Congratulations!

In second place is a skeletal preparation of red-eared slider (turtle) by Megan Martik, Jane Yu, John Young, and Eric Brooks. The mouse embryo staining by Juliette Petersen and Rachel K. Miller came in third, followed by the 3D reconstruction of zebrafish embryo head vascularisation by Meghan Morrissey and Lynn Kee.

These were the last images from the 2011 course, but the students who took the course this past summer have also produced some stunning images, which will be vying for a cover spot later.

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