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Dates for your calendar

Posted by , on 9 December 2011

Dates for your calendar
This is a selection of upcoming dates of interest, but it’s by no means an exhaustive list. We’ll try to do these once in a while, but don’t hesitate to write your own posts to let people know about similar deadlines, or leave a comment below. Also make sure to check eligibility before applying.

Conference Registration now open:
ISSCR meeting (June 13-16, 2012)
BSDB meeting (April 15-18, 2012)
LASDB meeting (April 26-29, 2012) – early deadline closes December 12!
-Keystone: The Life of a Stem Cell: From Birth to Death (Mar 11-16, 2012) – early deadline closes January 11, Abstract deadline closes December 13.
-Keystone: Non-Coding RNAs with Eukaryotic Transcription (Mar 31-Apr 5, 2012) – early deadline closes January 30, Abstract deadline closes January 5
-EMBO: Plant development and environmental interactions (27 – 30 May, 2012) – registration and abstract submission closes February 15.
-EMBO: 30 Years of Wnt Signaling (27 June – 1 July, 2012) – Pre-registration & abstract submission deadline: 29 February 2012

-SDB-LASDB 4th PASI short course A Systems Biology Approach to Understanding Mechanisms of Organismal Evolution
April 16-25, 2012 in Montevideo, Uruguay (Note, this is right before the LASDB conference at the same location.)
Application deadline is December 15, 2011
-EMBO Practical Course in Advanced Optical Microscopy (March 21-31, 2012) – General application deadline Friday 20 January 2012. Deadline for visa-dependent students 31 December 2011
-EMBO Laboratory Management Courses for postdocs and for independent group leaders. Held at various times during the year in the UK and Germany. Still spots left at some of the courses.
-For those of you in or near the UK, the Royal Society is hosting several Media and Communication Skills Courses for scientists.

Travel fellowships:
-The next round of The Company of Biologists travel fellowships closes December 31st. The funds can be used for a short research exchange in another lab. Postdocs and PhD students (from all countries) can apply.

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